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Posted: Sat, 2004-09-25 23:06

When recalling the parts of the lyrics that I remember from "No hero", "Scare yourself" and "Good day", it sounds like they are about how weak we humans are.... I mean - "Scare Yourself" (The title tells it all), I think the song is about how easy it is to be scared about your surroundings. "No Hero" - I think they sang: "Yeah, you're my hero..." That could be about a guy who needs a person to look up to and in that way be able to cope with everyday life. "Good Day" - I remember it was about some disasters and then came the "It's a good day to die" part. That could be about giving up when it all looks dark for you.

That just my idea of those songs, it can be that I have heard wrong or that I'm just over analysing these songs. But is this scenario realistic?

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Posted: Sat, 2004-09-25 23:39

I must say that I don't really remember the lyrics, so I don't know whether to agree or disagree.

But after Soft Dogs, we might see another HelpYourSelfish reaction, so... maybe, I suppose... you *could* be right.


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