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Posted: Thu, 2019-04-04 00:18

I am *so* looking forward to hearing the new songs again! \o/

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Posted: Thu, 2019-04-11 09:07

I have listened to the Burning Star / A Prayer For The Loud several times now, and boy I am impressed!

Especially A Prayer For The Loud is a really strong song, and I'd say the best they have made since Lawrence of Suburbia and Unexplained. This song could easily get a place in my top 5 of the best D-A-D songs.
It reminds me a lot of Big One with the very blues-inspired elements, but what makes this song stand out is that the feel of the song and the lyrics fit together like peas and carrots. Especially the part before the chorus that goes:
"Are you ready for your amen?
Cuz we’re all kings and fools
In everything we do
Inside the church of blues.."

There I really get the feeling of being in a church or some religious building. I love when music gives feelings like that. Here the lyrics really help along with this feeling with biblical references.

And in a sharp contrast to that, but still with the monumental feeling of being in a cathedral we get the chorus that is a wall of guitar and Jespers screaming vocals. The short break right before the chorus kicks off is just amazing!

However I think it's a bit harder to figure out who the song is meant for. Is it for each member of the band, where the song says that after troublesome times you can always come back to the comfort of D-A-D? The verses indicate that. Or is it basically the same, but for us fans? Here the chorus could point in that direction. - The beauty of art.

Anyway, both songs on the single really hit the nail with the trouble that the band has been through in recent years (still might be). It seems like the band just make the best music when they are in a crisis… "Scare Yourself" - fantastic album (band in crisis). "Helpyourselfish" - fantastic album (band in crisis). And now it seems like we are in for another fantastic album - at least these two songs are a really good introduction to what might come.

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Posted: Thu, 2019-04-11 16:10

Hi Marlboroman,

By any chance did you buy extra copies of the single and would you be willing to sell one to a HUGE D-A-D fan in the United States that cannot make it to shows in Europe? I would be immensely grateful, if you could sell me a copy of the 7".

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Posted: Fri, 2019-04-12 08:36

Burning Star sticks out a bit I have to say.
Reminiscent of the way they kicked off during Helpyourselfish and Sympatico.
Could easily have fit on Helpyourselfish. One of the best songs recently.
Let’s hope the album hits soon and sounds as good.
I migrated to Sydney, so too bad they won’t tour here.

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Posted: Tue, 2019-05-21 01:02

Nevermind the test. Just couldn't post anything at first. But super excited for the new album Smiley-laugh Love the beat in A Prayer for the loud