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Joined: 2003-11-08

Posted: Thu, 2012-12-27 06:42

Hey Torleif just a happy wish for you today - hope you have a great day and maybe a big party?

Joined: 2011-08-06

Posted: Thu, 2012-12-27 09:37

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORLEIF! I hope you'll have an awesome day. Btw. you are a big inspiration to me Smiley


Today I woke up screaming...!

Joined: 2009-04-22

Posted: Thu, 2012-12-27 13:26

Happy Birthday Torleif Smiley
Kind regards from Germany, Steffi


"... Today I woke up screaming
-Hello, my evil twin
Who's the old and boring
Like a change of skin ..."

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