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(22:54:27) Tina C:

Hi Molly.. are you jolly? Smiley-laugh

(22:54:27) Molly:

Jolly? I'm Molly! Mooh!

(22:54:27) Molly:

Talking to me? Mooh?

(22:54:39) Tina C:

Fresh hay for molly

(22:54:39) Molly:

Oh, thank you! I've been starving for months - moooh!

(22:55:09) Tina C:

Whaaat... But Azda gave you food, I see Smiley

(22:55:25) Tina C:

And Hi Azda and other net pets

(22:56:10) Tina C:

Super excited for the new album coming very soon Smiley-laugh

(22:57:10) Tina C:

Anyway.. off to get some sleep Smiley Nighty night - see you at the stables... moooooh

(22:57:10) Molly:

Nighty nighty, see you at the stables - moooh!

(22:57:10) Molly:


(22:57:10) Molly:

See you there - mooh!

(22:57:20) Tina C:


(22:57:52) Tina C:

I meant: Smiley-tongue hahahaha.. still getting it wrong

(23:04:23) Tina C:

Btw Azda, do you think the guys would be up for a little chat, now that the album's coming out? Maybe they are too busy for it, but it would be amazing

(04:55:44) Azda:

hi Tina - Smiley-puke Smiley-tongue Smiley-wink

(04:58:48) Azda:

I can ask them, but as you say they are very busy Smiley

(14:22:17) guest:

Smiley-puke Smiley-tongue Smiley-wink

(16:04:36) Headcrusher:


(20:39:59) Headcrusher:

\m/ Praise the Angel of Light! \m/