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(23:10:29) Azda:

enzo - DAD played in Milan some three weeks ago, too late to buy tickets... Smiley

(22:31:28) nurofeg:

happy new year from Croatia !!!

(22:31:28) Molly:

Happy New Year - moooh!

(23:36:48) Azda:

happy new year!! Smiley

(23:36:48) Molly:

Happy New Year - moooh!

(13:57:57) johtaja:

Hi guys! Happy new year! Our will come as soon as xmas greetings arrive….due to post strike, they have not...;(

(13:57:57) Molly:

Happy New Year - moooh!

(21:12:24) Azda:

johtaja: don't blame the postal service - the cards are delayed for other reasons, keep your patience! Smiley

(18:55:22) kvasthilda99:

I havent received New year card yet????

(21:21:48) Azda:

kvasthilda99 - var bara lugn, det ska nog dyka upp; kom seeent iväg Smiley

(19:52:57) Azda:

have you received a Christmas postcard? If not, check out what it looks like:

(19:52:57) Molly:


(21:24:31) Azda:

Rock i Mølleparken August 29 added to the live list...: https://d-a-d.dk/tour

(21:24:31) Molly:


(00:16:46) Sara Gomes After Dark:

I haven't received my card yet. I hope I do!

(14:35:49) Azda:

Sara - your name is on the list, maybe delay caused by the Danish postal service being confused by the "Reino Unido" in your address? I hope the card will find you soon Smiley

(21:13:08) Hege (guest):

Wanna go finding trouble with us? Media tour about metal and extreme sports

(15:28:10) Azda:

Jesper and Laust in an interview from Paris: https://youtu.be/DLUj1edaRGg

(15:59:37) Azda:

updated tour list, only missing Wonderfestiwall in Allinge in August: https://d-a-d.dk/tour

(15:59:37) Molly: