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(06:41:23) Veronica (guest):

I'm trying, yes trying to find some t-shirts, the ones I want are sold out, are you getting anymore in? Ahem please.

(07:51:22) Azda:

Veronica - I don't know which t-shirts you're looking for, but most t-shirts that sell out don't come back. For details I suggest you send an email to shop@d-a-d.dk Smiley

(07:51:22) Molly:


(15:58:35) Azda:

Taastrup January 15 sold out - https://www.d-a-d.dk/tour (rightclick if needed)

(15:58:35) Molly:


(15:06:12) HC (guest):

Why the chat is placed not in the middle of he screen like it was before... I'm confused...

(16:03:46) Azda:

HC - I don't know! I'm also confused...

(16:04:24) Azda:

(I'm not a programmer...)

(08:39:49) Azda:

with his new unfortunate design the darkness in the empty chat room is even deeper than before... Maybe caused by the corona virus? What do you think, cow?

(08:39:49) Molly:

Cow - that's me! Mooooh!

(08:40:38) Azda:

THIS dammit, why do I write "his"?! Smiley-laugh

(18:00:56) hc (guest):

All blame the cow!

(18:00:56) Molly:

Cow - that's me! Mooooh!

(21:19:11) Azda:


(14:37:41) Azda:

Steve from Sweden sent us a photo of his DAD tattoo, check out #152 in the gallery: https://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/d-d-related-tattoos (rightclick link if it doesn't work)

(14:37:41) Molly:


(07:26:45) Azda:

https://www.d-a-d.dk/shop - for Christmas shopping!

(07:26:45) Molly:


(08:10:35) Azda:

new tour date: Rock Off Festival July 26 2021, Mariehamn, Ă…land - https://www.rockoff.nu/

(08:11:28) Azda:

(rightclick link if it doesn't work)