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Fan Creation #413

On the frontwall of Danny Laaksonen's sauna...

Fan Creation #412

D-A-D Burning Star Minecraft Pixel Art by Team ProPain.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Fan Creation #411

Malla Tegebjer from Katrineholm, Sweden, writes:

"This painting is an art project that my daughter Julia Tegebjer did in 8th grade, they should do Mona Lisa but with another head... so here is the result, maybe you could call the painting Mollylisa?!"

Fan Creation #410

Malla Tegebjer from Katrineholm, Sweden, writes:

"I had some old jewelry that I didn’t use, so I went to the local goldsmith and let him do this golden Molly with ruby eyes. It’s one nice piece of art I think."

Fan Creation #409

Stig by Veronica.

Fan Creation #408

9 year old Sebastian had a school assignment - "say thanx to someone" and he wrote this note to d-a-d and Jesper Binzer.

His plan is to give it to the band at the next concert he attends.
English translation:
Thanx to D.A.D for good music and thanx to Jesper bizzer
Kind regards Sebastian A.


Fan Creation #407

Christmas angel by Lonni Mellin's daughter.

Fan Creation #406

Fan art by Annett.

Fan Creation #405

Fan art by Annett, close-up.

Fan Creation #404

Lis Nymand's friend transformed a selection of D-A-D t-shirts into a blanket!

Fan Creation #403

Frank's sweet girlfriend Tina Rasmussen made this for a certain D-A-D fan...!

Fan Creation #402

8 year old Sebastian Andersen has made this D-A-D sailing boat at the "Økolariet" in Vejle.

Fan Creation #401

Fan Creation by Annett.

fan Creation #400

Drawing by Annett.

Fan Creation #399

Drawing by Annett.

Fan Creation #398

Screen Saver for iPhone by Christian Ringheim.

Fan Creation #397

Pencil drawing by Inge Koschmüller. The original photo was taken by "Geschmacksrichtung Grün", who gave Inge the permission to draw and show it.

Fan Creation #396

Donald After Dark aka Muchas Gracias used simple studs from the fashion store for Molly's red eyes, on the back of his Disneyland After Dark jacket.