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2011 Christmas card, back

Provided by The Real Anders.

2010 Santa's Workshop

2010 Christmas card

2009 Christmas card

All four band members signed the card, which could be transformed into a Christmas decoration.

2009 Christmas card in the tree

2008 Christmas picture, close-up

2008 Christmas Newsmail

The Christmas gift was a video, introduced by the band: Money Always Takes The Place Of Life live from Copenhagen.

2007 Christmas Newsmail

2006 Christmas card, front

2006 Christmas card, back

2006 Santa's Workshop

2005 Christmas Newsmail

The Christmas gift was a video: Unexplained live from KB-hallen, Copenhagen.

2004 Christmas Newsmail

The Christmas gift was a video: Good Day live from Tivoli, Copenhagen.

2003 Christmas card

The Net Pets received an email with a link to this Christmas card where they could download a video from the studio...

2002 Christmas greeting

"in 2002 we got a video of the boys, dressed in the clothes from the Soft Dogs poster.. saying merry christmas, and then cobber begins to sing and truelife yells 'cut!'"

kenneth ´Big Ones´

[no picture provided]

2001 Christmas present

This badge, with Molly disguised as a dog, was sent to the fans with
the 2001 Christmas card, approximately two months before the release of
the Soft Dogs album.

2001 Christmas card

2000 Christmas card

On the 2000 card there was a sticker...