Archive Apparel


Soft Dogs Tour T-shirt, front

Provided by Michael "Brow" Brodersen.

Scare Yourself T-shirt

Bought June 8, 2003 at Skive Beach Party in Skive.

Provided by Michael "GF" Jørgensen.

Wigwam Cap

Provided by Henrik Nørgaard.

Mad Days 1998 Shirt, red

Provided by Henrik "Henny" Kristensen.

Soft Dogs Tour T-shirt, back

Wigwam T-shirt

Bought August 30, 2002 at Arenaen in Århus.

Provided by Michael "GF" Jørgensen.

Mad Days 1998 Shirt, black

Provided by Patrick Van Puyvelde.

Hockey Game T-shirt, back

Subliminal Message T-shirt 1996

The T-shirt was bought at the summer festival Super Bock Super Rock '96 in Lisbon, Portugal, June 21, 1996.

The sentence "Subliminal Message" glows in the dark.

Provided by Carla Chaves.