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Disn30land After Dark Hoodie, closeup 3

Provided by Peter Kling.

Retro T-shirt, front

Provided by Peter Kling.

"This shirt is an retro re-production that I bought from the webshop on D-A-D’s homepage some years ago. I’ve seen John Nymann, the guitar player in Y&T wearing the same D-A-D-shirt on some pictures on his Facebook-account so I thought it would be an good idea to wear it on an Y&T-show here in Stockholm in 2016. After the show the band came out to the bar and hang out with the fans, and the bass player Aaron Leigh walked straight up to me and my friend when he saw my D-A-D shirt and comented on it with the words: ’Great shirt man! We love D-A-D. We used to hang out with them on an Monsters of Rock cruise.’ We spoke about bass playing and both agreed that Stig Pedersen is a genious coming up with the two stringed bass. When we spoke to John Nymann later that evening he also comented on the shirt saying that he’s got the same shirt."

Retro T-shirt, back

Provided by Peter Kling.

Helpyourselfish Long Sleeve

Bought at Palladium in Stockholm on 25th April 1995.

Provided by Peter Kling.

Spooky Mattress - April 25 2016

Print on Spooky Mattress t-shirt from Gimle, Roskilde.

Provided by Paul Sørensen.

D-A-D Jacket 1992

Provided by Jean-Pierre Davin, Cognac (France).

D-A-D Jacket 1992, closeup

Rock'n' Rock Summer 15 Tour Jacket, back

Rock'n' Rock Summer 15 Tour Jacket, inside

D-A-D The Last Pilgrimage 1990

Provided by Rasmus 'TheEvilTwin' Højberg.

D-A-D Riskin' It Live - Summer 1992

Provided by Rasmus 'TheEvilTwin' Højberg.

The front print is supposed to look so shattered/scared.

D-A-D Riskin' It Live - Scandinavia 1992

Provided by Rasmus 'TheEvilTwin' Højberg.

D-A-D Nemoland After Dark - 3 June 2001

Provided by Rasmus 'TheEvilTwin' Højberg.

D-A-D Fast On Wheels - Live 2012

Provided by Rasmus 'TheEvilTwin' Højberg.

2007 Christmas T-shirt

Provided by Henrik "Henny" Kristensen.

Soft Dogs Tour T-shirt, back

Wigwam T-shirt

Bought August 30, 2002 at Arenaen in Århus.

Provided by Michael "GF" Jørgensen.

Mad Days 1998 Shirt, black

Provided by Patrick Van Puyvelde.