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(21:27:55) Azda:

I've almost stopped taking photos myself...

(12:47:31) Azda:

a few more pics, a little better: http://dad.dk/photos/cascais-rock-fest-estoril-2019

(07:52:30) Azda:

never ever experienced such a spam attack in the guestboook before...

(07:52:52) Azda:

will take days to clean up there... Smiley-very-sad

(22:34:02) Azda:

essay spam - more than 1 100 of them - is now deleted, yay!

(16:15:51) Azda:

hello Molly?

(16:15:51) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

(16:16:08) Azda:

still there, good Smiley-midget

(22:53:16) guest:

Damn, I've missed something interesting... Smiley-sad

(11:14:25) Azda:

if you think you missed the essay spam attack there's still a chance... Smiley-blush

(14:23:31) ebrahim (guest):

Hej brødre, de vigtigste videoer af DJALIGATOR'erne, som ikke er publiceret på Voice over internettet, vil blive sendt af telegramm send ebrahimtnt433 til min e-mail-adresse.

(14:08:18) Azda:


(09:34:48) Azda:

Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, June 28: https://shop.friheden.dk/28-6-d-a-d Smiley

(09:34:48) Molly:


(10:29:37) Azda:

some photos from yesterday in Stockholm: http://dad.dk/photos/bandit-rock-awards-stockholm-2019 Smiley-tongue

(07:02:42) Azda:

more Sweden: Arvika hamnfest August 3 - https://secure.tickster.com/sv/2c18w7d09m0pzah/products

(09:19:04) Azda:

and even more Sweden! As many as TEN dates in October-November - tickets on sale from February 20th at 10:00 - http://dad.dk/tour

(17:25:16) Azda:

what a bad looking link...

(17:26:36) Azda:

this one will look better - another song: https://youtu.be/8_BowUY5uLg