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(11:53:36) Azda:

hello Tina and Molly - thanks for the Molly exercise Smiley-tongue

(11:53:36) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(09:11:54) Azda:

good morning Molly, have a nice Sunday Smiley-laugh

(09:11:54) Molly:

Good morning - mooooh!

(23:47:31) Tina C (guest):

Hi Azda Smiley You're welcome and my pleasure!

(23:47:42) Tina C (guest):

Hi Molly.. are you jolly?

(23:47:42) Molly:

Jolly? I'm Molly! Mooh!

(23:48:34) Tina C (guest):


(23:48:52) Tina C (guest):

Ohh and som fresh hay for molly of cause! Smiley-laugh

(23:48:52) Molly:

Hay? For me? Thank you - moooh!

(23:49:36) Tina C (guest):

Allright, time to hit the lands of dreams, so see you at the stables! Smiley

(23:49:36) Molly:

Catch you on the flipside - mooh!

(23:49:43) Tina C (guest):


(23:49:43) Molly:

Enough! Mooooh!

(23:49:53) Tina C (guest):


(08:55:36) Azda:

hey Tina - nice to see you've been around Smiley

(08:55:56) Azda:

and good morning Molly, enjoy your Monday! Smiley-midget-laugh

(08:55:56) Molly:

Good morning - mooooh!

(08:59:12) Azda:

DAD confirmed for Tinderbox Festival, Odense June 26-28: https://www.facebook.com/tinderboxdenmark?sk=timeline

(09:09:26) Azda: