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(13:27:07) Azda:

more pics from Prague, showing a biiiiiiiiig audience: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/vypich-open-air-prague-2014 Smiley-tongue

(10:55:23) Azda:

hello cow Smiley-sunglasses

(10:55:23) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(22:11:37) Azda:

check out this funny video with Jesper in France, interviewed by Markus & Spencer: http://youtu.be/fq2DFMlMtXk Smiley-midget-laugh

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(14:55:32) franklyadmin:

sleep well

(14:55:32) Molly:

Sweet dreams - moooh!

(15:19:56) guest:


(15:20:02) guest:


(15:20:02) Molly:

Muuuu - that's Swedish! And Finnish!

(22:05:29) Azda:

hi Molly, someone talked to you today, nice to see Smiley-wink

(22:05:44) Azda:

good night Smiley-yawn-more

(22:05:44) Molly:

Good night, see you at the stables! Moooh!

(21:15:42) Azda:

hello Molly - we have received some photos from Ringsted Festival: http://www.d-a-d.dk/photos/ringsted-festival-2014 Smiley

(21:15:42) Molly:

Hello, moooh!

(12:44:27) LILY (guest):

Fuck deren Musik er dårligt!! Det ringeste band nogensinde!!

(23:14:04) Azda:


(23:14:28) Azda:

good night cow!

(23:14:28) Molly:

Good night, see you at the stables! Moooh!